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Soft Fireprint Top

Size: Made-to-measure

Material: Lycra

Colours: Fireprint

Quantity: ATM only Pre-Order 😫 Fabric will eventually be back in the future

Description: Super soft and embracing elastic lycra fabric. Exclusive limited fireprint. Longsleeve with outside seams. Turtleneck. Due to the complete use of bulk stock differences in print and seam arrangement may appear.
The Lycra Series started to be produced in 2018. The fabrics are unsealable leftovers from big companies and will therefore be limited to their stock. The Lycra Fireprint Series contains 6 pieces. The characteristics of the Lycra series is the amazing feel of the silky fabric that is usually used for swim wear. It is really embracing the body, perfectly worn rather tight than loose on naked skin.

Price: 120