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Text Frayed Denim Dresses, 2019

"Draped-to-body areal parts of strong elastic denim. I held the fabrics in my hands, made a few tests and knew exactly what to do. Using the elasticity to make shoulder free dresses that have that total deconstructed and frayed look seemed to me as the perfect way to use that fabric. They are all draped-to-body. After finding the right fit on the body, every piece was washed and cut at the open edges up to three times to get that perfect frayed look. The dresses are really easy to wear. A hand painted latex line keeps the dresses at their places. Of course the size needs to fit somehow, so please check the measurements. It's possible to wear the dress in different hights, underneath the breasts, as a skirt or high-waist. Just combine it with a big white T-Shirt or a tight black turtleneck and you have a perfect Outfit. Because of the stretch it's possible to wear the dresses up to size XL. If you are very slim on your chest, I can add a seam to adjust the dress. Just contact me." -Mel Redmer